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“After School for All” Summer Programs Evaluation
Kairos Management evaluated DCPS After School for All (DCAFA) Summer Programs in 2006 and 2007.  DCAFA is the District of Columbia Public Schools out-of-school time programming focused on youth development.  The DCAFA Summer Program was offered Monday through Friday for a six week period between the hours of 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

Kairos Management’s evaluation focused on assessments of the quality of programs.  The evaluation team observed 71 activities in 20 schools.  The focus was on 5th and 7th grade activities, although some activities included students from other grades as well. Using a structured site observation instrument, the site observers rated program quality based on 28 youth development indicators across the following five domains:

Relationship building, youth relationships with each other

Relationship building, staff relationships with youth

Youth participation

Instructional strategies

Content and structure

All site observations were entered into the Kairos Management Evaluation Database, a Web-based tool to enable standardized data collection and analysis.  The evaluation team analyzed and summarized the findings and provided a one-page summary for each of the 71 activities observed that included all ratings and a descriptive summary.

In 2007, Kairos Management also received a data file with student enrollment and attendance for DCAFA participants.  However, an assessment of the data revealed numerous data quality problems, so no further analysis could be conducted.