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Charter Schools Five-Year Review
In 2007, chartering and oversight authority for District of Columbia charter schools was transferred from the District of Columbia Board of Education to the DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB).  In the midst of the transfer process, a five-year review for eight public charter schools was to be conducted, as required by law.  Kairos Management was selected to conduct the review process and present the results of the review process to the PCSB.

Kairos Management operated under extraordinary time constraints to assemble a highly qualified project team and conduct the review process.  The project team completed the entire process in an unprecedented time period of only 6 weeks, as required by the District chartering authorities.  The project team conducted site visits to the eight charter schools and completed the reviews using PCSB protocols.  These reviews included:

Meetings with school leadership, teachers, parents, and students

Reviews of school organizational and educational documentation and reports

Classroom observations

Reviews of accountability data such as NCLB reporting

The reviews included the following content areas:




School climate

Governance and management

This review process provided PCSB with clear information about the charter schools for which they were assuming responsibility.  The information in the reported guided decisions about charter renewal and ongoing monitoring and technical assistance needs for these schools.