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Social Worker Loan Repayment Program Evaluation
Kairos Management has evaluated the District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency’s (CFSA) efforts to improve the retention of case-carrying social workers.  In 2004, CFSA began a federally-funded Student Loan Repayment Program (LRP) for case-carrying social workers who agreed to remain with the agency for two or four years. In return, CFSA repaid a significant portion of each social worker’s outstanding student loan debt.

Kairos Management was engaged in 2007 to perform a full evaluation of the program’s implementation and its impacts on social worker retention. The implementation evaluation includes a review of LRP policies and procedures as they were actually implemented, characteristics of LRP participants versus non-participants, a financial summary of the program, and perceptions of social workers and management of the LRP and its impact. The report also includes a description of the policies, participants, and costs of other social worker retention policies.

The impact evaluation sought to determine whether the LRP had a positive impact of CFSA social worker retention. The first challenge of the impact evaluation was the creation of the analysis database which contains the employment history of all CFSA case-carrying social workers going back to 2001. Kairos Management used data from various electronic and paper sources to create the database, including the merging of social worker information across various sources that lacked a common unique identifier. This resulted in a database used for statistical analysis to compare employment retention for LRP versus non-LRP social workers. Hazard models were used to estimate the impact of LRP on employment retention, and efforts were made to account for potential selection bias.    

The final evaluation report is available for download here.