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Quality Management System for Vendor Payments
The District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) depends upon a network of provider organizations to care for the children and families that it serves.  CFSA’s relationship with providers depends in large part on its ability to process timely and accurate payments to providers.  However, in 2006 the agency was struggling with its ability to carry out a quality vendor payments process.  The business process workflow for the payments process included almost all agency departments, including Fiscal, Contracts, Placement, Clinical Services, Information Technology, and case-carrying social workers responsible for children in foster care and group homes.

Kairos Management, as a subcontractor to Ashlin Management and the Court Monitor, teamed with Ashlin Management to manage the Payments Improvements Project.  The project created a quality management system for the vendor payments process.  This enabled CFSA to use new management reports and a new software application to track invoices, understand why certain payments are delayed, and take corrective actions.

Kairos Management provided the Project Manager for this engagement.  Kairos Management also contributed to the project by:

Creating a detailed description of all business process workflows pertaining to the payments process and describing bottlenecks and redundancies

Creating a recommendations report for implementing specific improvements (together with Ashlin team members)

Developing the concept for a new Invoice Tracking System (ITS) and developing business requirements for the system, incorporating extensive input from CFSA staff representing various departments

Developing ITS management reports

Providing ITS training to all system users

CFSA now has a system providing clear information on how long it takes to process invoices overall and for each step in the workflow.  Management has used this information to guide business process improvements and improve the accuracy and timeliness of vendor payments.