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Summer School Evaluation
Kairos Management evaluated District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) Summer School Programs in 2006 and 2007.  The focus of the evaluation was on the quality of math and reading lessons in the 5th and 7th grades.  The Kairos Management evaluation team conducted structured site observations throughout the summer, observing 40 lessons at 20 schools.  Using a structured site observation instrument, the site observers rated various aspects of the classroom and the lesson, including:

Adequacy of the physical environment

Lesson design

Lesson implementation

Classroom culture

Reading/language arts content

Mathematics content

All site observations were entered into the Kairos Management Evaluation Database, a Web-based tool to enable standardized data collection and analysis.  The evaluation team analyzed and summarized the findings and provided a one-page summary for each of the 40 observations that included all ratings and a descriptive summary.

In 2007, Kairos Management also analyzed data received from DCPS on the more than 12,000 students enrolled in Summer School, as well as data from numerous vendors that provided instructional programs.  This analysis revealed major data quality problems, but the team was able to produce tabulations on enrollment and passing rates based on student characteristics and school sites.  The team also performed an exploratory analysis on increases in student achievement during the summer for students in the Voyager reading program.  Voyager program data was merged with DC CAS data to provide an analysis of the factors influencing student achievement, as indicated by changes in reading fluency scores from the beginning to the end of the summer.

Between 2006 and 2007, DCPS used the evaluation findings to support discontinuing use of a curriculum that was rated as ineffective according to the site observation analysis.